CRM: trends and evolutions in 2009

CRMBuyer published an interesting article a while ago in which it sums up some CRM evolutions this year, based on data and input from research companies, including IDC, Forrester and Gartner.

Although the growth of the CRM market might be slower than in 2008, most research companies foresee a steady annual growth for the next years.

According to the article the growth of the market depends from several factors including the ability of software and service vendors to ensure and even improve the quality of what they basically (should) offer. And of course the ability of these same vendors to adapt themselves to new social, technological and economical changes.

This means, amongst others, introducing services and offerings for new applications and tools such as social networking, more performant mobile devices and so on. The article also quotes several research companies like IDC to underline that CRM is and remains critical for growth.

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