A message to Seth Godin

Hi Seth, I like your books. I have them all but I have to admit I only read one completely: “Permission marketing”. That’s a while ago, isn’t it?

The other ones, your purple cows, your “All Marketers Are Liars” etc. I went through quickly. Not that I don’t like them: time, you know?

Anyway, I wanted to tell you something, Seth. In February, you are coming to Antwerp, Belgium.

Antwerp is a good choice: you’ll have people from The Netherlands and Belgium, that’s for sure. Good thinking by whoever organized your coming.

You know Seth, some marketing people are going nuts here. “Seth Godin is coming”. I came across a post on a highly frequented Dutch marketing blog where the author said “Seth Godin must have an exclusive contract with God”, but then in Dutch of course.

It’s true Seth, no lie! You know, the free eBook you posted with some quotes and thoughts of others and yourself, with the nice lay-out? It’s being referred too as if it’s the Bible. You know, Seth, in fact I think you could start a religion if you wanted here in mainland Europe. The Sethology Church, what do you think?

It’s not your fault of course. You didn’t ask that Dutch blogger to write that you must have an exclusive contract with God. 

And you didn’t pick your name too. Take the three first letters of your last name: God. Take the last four letters of your last name, Odin, an ancient god in Scandinavia. And not just a god, but like viking god number one. And then your first name: Seth; another god, this time an Egyptian one.

Well, enough religion and religious history for one day.

Seth, if you would ever read this: could you please one day post on your blog that you’re just a regular guy with good marketing skills that writes good books and talks very well to audiences but that you’re not God?

I won’t be in Antwerp, Seth, don’t like crowds but I’m sure I will read many posts after the event saying “Seth Godin is God”.

Anyway, have a nice day, Seth, and good luck in Antwerp.

Oh, Seth, I have a question. Why do you follow 0 people on Twitter? Because you just retweet from your blog, because you think Twitter sucks, because you have several accounts or is it comparable to what you once (last year I think) wrote on your blog: “My biggest mistake (at least in terms of income avoided) was not believing in the world wide web in 1994”? I have no clue and am eager to know.

Too bad I can’t be in Antwerp after all.

PS: Seth, don’t answer if you read this. My soulmate, Jonas, who co-founded a swell and down-to-earth agency, called Mindjumpers, is smart and reads a lot.

This is what he mailed me: I read in one of Seth books – The dip – that his speciality in this world of contectiveness, is that he always replays if people send him an email. In the context of talking about becoming the worlds best at something, and why he is not all about Twitter or Facebook – a quote from that book “Quit the wrong stuff. Stick with the right stuff. Have the guts to do one or the other”. So he sticks with blogging, answering on comments and answering all emails.

That’s cool, Seth, after all we’re human and can’t be everywhere (except if you don’t have too much to do like me these days, damn recession).

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