Attract customers to your brand in dynamic ways

Brand loyalty and recognition are staples of all businesses, online or offline. The trick is to get customers to your door via magnetism: getting buzz from each and every customer and building the brands loyalty.

Just how do you do that? According to BJ Bueno, a MediaPost blogger and founder of The Cult Branding Company, a brand loyalty research firm, there are a variety of ways. He recently posted 10 key ways to improve brand loyalty, recognition, and success for your marketing effort. An overview.

1- Get more than just sales, customers, and fame. Build a brand which helps customers, earns loyalty, then earns the repeat buyer. The best businesses build their brands around their best customers. According to Bueno, Apple has done just that, creating a brand for customers who like “style,creativity, and simplicity.”

2- You should not only build your business around your best customers–who are usually repeat customers–but also listen to these customers. With feedback, support, and FAQs you can answer a lot of questions and create a trustworthy, reputable brand. If you want to build a loyal customer, you need to listen to your best ones.

3- Be a niche business and create your brand with specifics. Being an all-in-one business works for some major stores like Wal-Mart, but most business create bold, unique,and different brands within a specific niche. If you’re the best in your niche, you become the best option for prospects and also create brand loyalty.

4- Understand how your customers think, what they want, and how you can give it to them. Try to get into their heads every time you create a new product. And listen to what they say if you’re unsure of where to go with your brand

5- Why are your customers buying from you instead of the competition? This is crucial in developing brand loyalty. Bueno calls this, “customers’ drivers of choice,” where you see what’s creating the sale.

6- Serve your best customers better than anyone else. Give incentives for staying with you.

7- Surprise your best customers. Do things you would do to win over a friend or a loved  one. Give them something that “wows” them and leads to more brand loyalty.

8- Deliver on your promises to buyers. Don’t promise too much or too little. This is another driving force in changing how buyers think. If you want them to choose you over someone else, you need to nail the first sales, meeting and often exceeding expectations.

9- Create a brand model to find your best buyers motivators, characteristics, and emotions. This will define your business, so be thorough in finding and  researching all buyers.

10- Lastly, all brand models will be used to make all key business decisions. If you can predict behavior, you can do more than create brand loyalty: you create more sales.

Creating brand loyalty and customer magnetism works well on the web for any niche business. Many companies on the web use effective brands to thrive, such as Amazon and Ebay. Find your niche, your best buyers, and build your brand around that.

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