Email marketing tips: an unsubscribe is an opportunity

The relevance of an email is an extremely important factor that contributes to the succeeding or not succeeding of an email marketing campaign.

Email subscribers have specific expectations when they confirm their registration. Make sure to communicate the subject, topics and frequency on the registration form, so every receiver knows what to expect.

Offering different frequency options can help too since frequency is one of the main reasons why people unsubscribe. When someone subscribes to your email list you should immediately gather his preferences from the very start of the subscription process.

Besides a wrong frequency most unsubscribes are due to irrelevant content and trust or privacy issues. But unsubscribes can be an opportunity too.

Email marketers invest a lot of time in creating appealing e-mails but often tend to forget to listen to the feedback given by their recipients. And that’s even more true when these recipients are unsubscribing of course.

The unsubscribe link is mostly seen as a legal matter and another figure in the email marketing statistics but seldom as an opportunity to communicate with the recipients of your emails and to better understand the preferences of the people in your emailing list.

When you redirect unsubscribers to a personalized landing page, ask them one simple question: “Why have you unsubscribed?”.

You may often be surprised with some of the answers, but you can use this feedback to create even more valuable content for the other 99,99% of your database.

Besides it will give a positive brand experience to the unsubscriber since he will feel that his feedback and opinion is important to your company.

So instead of neglecting him: thank him and tell him that you will take his feedback into account.

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