Social media and cross-media campaigns rule in 2009 and 2010

Well, yes, here are some more predictions but also some looking back. This time I checked some Nielsen data on the main US advertising trends.

They are part of a broader media, consumer and advertising trend report by Nielsen. Some things to remember.

Looking back at 2009 Nielsen says that, well, as we all know, it was not the best year for advertising ever: slashed budgets, revised strategies, you name it.

But despite all these problems, the industry evolved, Nielsen says. I wonder if it’s not BECAUSE of all these problems. People grow and evolve in times of crisis. Why wouldn’t companies?

The question is how the industry evolved. Nielsen: “Advertisers started to look at the need for accountability metrics beyond the simple “click-through” and on to campaign-specific performance. They also started to embrace burgeoning social networks and consumer generated media to bring consumers closer to a product or brand”.

Now the top advertising trends Nielsen sees for 2010.

I will not sum them up all but here are two: more cross-media ad campaigns surface and “social media will provide a new sales channel for establishing product awareness and commercializing brands to better support traditional advertising or text-based ads”.

You can read the rest here.

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