Social media and recruitment

I found an interesting article on by Simon Page, director of permanent recruitment at Parity Resources.

The title of Simon’s post is ‘Social Media Has Revolutionised Recruitment’ and explains how resourcing candidates is increasingly done through social media.

Simon refers to Facebook and Twitter but if you’re a LinkedIn user you know that we can add it to that list too.

Simon says that it’s no longer the first 20 seconds of an interview that count but the first 20 clicks.

Recruiters are increasingly using social networks to find the right man or woman for the right job but they also use the same media to check candidates before even meeting them. And that’s something social networkers should not forget when posting, tweeting or sharing their stuff.

In the rest of his article, Simon explains the benefits and risks for both recruiters and candidates regarding social media and he gives good tips too. Interesting material that you can read here.

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