Social media marketing affects more than just marketing

Businesses are increasingly using social media networks for communication and advertising. So it makes much sense for businesses to integrate social media marketing into their normal advertising scheme. 

The social media marketing reality is not only entering areas such as email marketing but also PR, CRM, etc.

Many ESPs and CRM vendors have already included social media marketing integration. Many SaaS CRM systems, for instance, enable you to see the Twitter updates, Facebook updates, LinkedIn updates, etc. of your customers.

In email marketing, the social dimension leads to an increased focus on sharable content and adding sharing tools into email marketing. However, as I told before, social email marketing is much more than that.

As I told previously too, in the US and the UK social email marketing ranks high in the priority lists of email marketers just as social CRM is a hot topic among customer relationship managers.

In some other countries, including mine, people are just starting to hear about social email marketing. In fact, if I look up the word in Google in my local language, the three first results that show were articles written by me. So, you can say indeed that markets can be very different throughout the world.

It’s obvious that the social marketing revolution will continue to influence all areas of marketing and even sales. Sales 2.0 is all about that too.

So, I guess the challenge for managers in countries like mine, is not the question if they should start looking at social media marketing, but starting to use them now.

How is it in your country?

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