Welcome in 2010: are you ready for the audience-centric Web?

Welcome in 2010 and may it be better than 2009, even if 2009 was good for you!

Can I start blogging again? Well, here’s the first one of a new year.

Last week I looked at some recent data from Nielsen (see my post “social media and cross-media campaigns rule in 2009 and 2010”).

I also found an article by John Burbank, who is CEO of Nielsen’s Online Division.

It’s about the “audience-centric” Web. We talk about customer-centric, visitor-centric, hey, why not audience-centric? But I don’t like the image very much: isn’t an audience a bunch of people looking or listening? Does an audience talk back?

Maybe we should start talking about people-centric or humanistic, I don’t know and it doesn’t matter what name the new marketing baby gets.

Anyway, back to John’s article. John says that “the next phase of the Internet” (again, what the folks at Nielsen decided to call the “audience-centric” Web) will be characterized by three things:

1. “The audience is the centre of everything”. No, John is not talking about social media here but about metrics.
2. “Online is no longer an island”. Cross-channel, people…
3. “The richer the consumer data, the richer the business opportunity.” No comment.

Read the full article here.

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