Blogs are social media too

Although everyone is talking about Twitter, Facebook and the likes, social media marketing also includes blogs, and sometimes we forget that for many companies in many countries setting up a corporate blog is still a topic that requires a lot of discussion, convincing, debating, etc. “What about our reputation?”.

In fact, many companies don’t have a corporate blog yet. So before starting to use the new trends, you might consider to start a blog first.

Blogs are often also the hub of social media marketing activities and they give your company or brand a more open, participative and human image.

Blogs, while older and substantially more mainstream than most social media platforms, are a form of social media in their own right. They are more in depth than Twitter and more powerful for spreading ideas than Facebook updates.

Blogs are about conversations, personality, branding, community, sharing and, just like other social media also about following and being followed by offering value to the target group you want to reach with your blog.

Besides setting up an own blog it’s important to follow other bloggers too, even if you don’t have one yourself.

Just like social media blogs are not about a monologue but a dialogue. I’ll start blogging more about, well, blogs I think.

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