Special report: MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10

On this page you find a list of the findings, posts and reports from MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10.

There are some links to posts from our man in Miami but also some links to posts of other bloggers.

If you have posted or will post about the event, please add your link by commenting on this page. Did you go to MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10 but don’t post about it? Feel free to add your thoughts, impressions, cases and what you have learned!

MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10: a general overview

This is the final post summarizing our man in Miami his impressions from the event. What was the general tone of the event?  What were the major takeaways? And in the end: what has he learned?

The integration of email, social media, mobile, video, etc.

On the last day of MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10 there was quite some social email marketing going on. Our guest blogger says that, especially in the afternoon, there were some great cases on how to use social media in your email marketing strategy, one of the main topics this blog covers. It seemed that the cases were all about integration: social media and email but also mobile (SMS) and email, video and email (which seems to be the next hot topic, given the number of initiatives, in email marketing), etc.

Email subject lines are the new Twitter for emarketers

The last day of MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10 was all about social and permission marketing. Our man in Miami wrote “social media are used to get the right contacts, expand the network, build relationships and get people subscribing for your opt-in list”. He als followed the presentation of Dela Quist and, particularly liked how he said that when you buy an email list your thought is “rape & pillage” not “nurture”. 

MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10: a mix of data and insights

Some take-aways, insights and data from several sessions and workshops, including a very complete overview of every possible triggered email campaign you can set up and the findings and data of two real-life cases, one from Parenting.com and one from Orbitz.

Joseph Jaffe’s keynote at MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10

An in-depth analysis of Joseph Jaffe’s keynote: happy customers equal new customers? Discover what Joseph said and what he meant by stating that retention is the new acquisition and the real role of social media is retention.

A scientific approach on email marketing effectiveness

Learn all about email marketing effectiveness from the pre-workshop, that was hosted by MarketingExperiments, with Dr. Flint McGlaughlin as the keynote speaker. “The scientific approach on email marketing effectiveness is not only efficient; it also gives you a clear view and a reference method on each email marketing approach you are setting up”. 

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I guess many other posts will follow.

If you post or posted about the event please feel completely free to add your link in the comments.

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