Some simple email marketing tips for businesses, big or small

Here are some more easy email marketing tips for everyone, no matter the size of the company or demographics of leads.

1. Build relationships with clients to get leads

Capturing emails from any customer -whether they walk into your store or buy an online product from you -is preeminent to successful email marketing. To build relationships, you can see out clients in different ways, namely marketing on the web with SEO, social media, and more forms of advertising such as banner ads or linking.

2. Send emails with value

If you get a buyer curious about your product or service, you have just put your foot in the door. Too many emails sent offer no big benefits to buyers. If you sell a service, show testimonials from similar clients who were pleased. If you sell a product, immediately show value by saying it will save them or earn them money.

3. Be clear

Many letters sent out in the mail or email campaigns online don’t communicate exactly what the product is, how it can benefit buyers, and prices. If you ignore what buyers are interested in, they’re apt to ignore the message.

4. Create dynamic and sharable content

Content converts buyers too. With the correct tactics, you can bring them in. With the right content, you can get buyers curious. And then by capturing an email, you’ve just created a lead.

5. Think conversations

Email marketing is not about broadcasting and pushing. It’s about creating relations and conversations. There are many ways to achieve this. Involve your recipients, highlight them, offer sharing options and include their ‘content’ where you can.

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