Email industry news: Australian Interspire chooses Port25’s PowerMTA

Interspire, a Sydney-based software company that developed an email marketing and autoresponder software, has selected PowerMTA, the email messaging infrastructure solution of Port 25 Solutions.

Interspire, that also has offices in London (UK) and in Austin (US), will use the PowerMTA Message Transfer Agent to “efficiently manage an ever-increasing email workload generated by its BigResponse email marketing service”, to quote the press release.

The Australian company, that also developed other solutions for businesses, digital agencies and the enterprise (including its Interspire Shopping Cart, Knowledge Manager, Secure Payment Gateway and Website Publisher), said it choose Port25’s flagship product for several reasons.

Among them the VirtualMTAs features PowerMTA offers and the fact that the solution integrates naturally with all commonly-used operating systems and thus didn’t require “a complete overhaul of their existing digital infrastructure”, as the press release says.

You can find Port25 Solutions here and follow the company on Twitter here.

More about Interspire via this link.

You can also follow the Australian company via Twitter here.

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