GigaOM: Facebook acquires Malaysian start-up

According to GigaOM, Facebook has acquired Octazen Solutions, a small Malaysian start-up.

Facebook especially seemed to want to have the talents and skills of the two people behind the start-up that specializes “in ways to import contacts”.

When you visit the homepage of the start-up, it says “The Octazen team wanted to let you, our valued customers, know that the company recently received an offer to acquire most of the company’s assets and to employ those assets in a different direction. After carefully evaluating this offer, our team believes this is a wonderful opportunity of which we must take advantage”.

The company’s homepage also says that “Octazen will no longer accept new service contracts or renew existing service contracts, and will enter a transition period to wind down operations”.

Facebook’s press room doesn’t mention the acquisition yet but I guess the folks at GigaOM have good sources.

You can read the full story here.

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