Partnership between Yahoo and Twitter

Yahoo, the arch rival of Google is all set to make its website and search more compelling. Yahoo will now show a wider range of Twitter updates in its search results.

Like Google and its other rivals, it will now make use of the rapidly growing craze of posting tweets on Twitter.

The step came quite late, when compared to Google and other search engines who have started using Twitter a year back. The good thing is that it happened at last.

Most features involving this partnership will be made available to the Yahoo users later this year; but online users having Yahoo accounts have every reason to feel happy. After all, Tweets (although short messages) have proven their worth as valuable information.

Yahoo will enable anyone with a Twitter account to be able to tweet as well as see the updates of other people while logged into Yahoo’s website. This feature will be available on all popular Yahoo products: Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Homepage, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Sports, and more.

In return for an undisclosed amount of money, Yahoo will receive a full feed of public tweets sent to Twitter every second of everyday from all across the world.

This will allow Yahoo to give its users access to a global network of immediate information. Currently, if facts are to be believed, Twitter is growing impressively, distributing an average of 50 million tweets every single day way ahead of its performance during the beginning of last year (2.5 million tweets per day).

It may be noted that Yahoo’s partnership with Twitter is not new. Previously, Yahoo had been using the free tools available on Twitter to find tweets pointing to the latest news and hot topics. The only difference now is that this partnership has been taken to a new level. 

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