Mobile platforms and your email marketing campaign

End of last week, new data showed that an increasing number of consumers is switching to smartphones.

Other mobile platforms (netbooks, tablets, Mobile Internet Devices, hybrids and what not), are also conquering the hearts and wallets of bith business users and consumers. 

Of all business email communication, almost 40% is checked, read, and replied to using a mobile device.

That is almost half of your “audience”, all on a device with a small screen, limited keyboard, and toned-down browser. If your products, actions, or services require complex form fill-outs and multi-stage registration processes, you are going to need to change the way you operate.

If you market for others, get in touch and let them know how small changes could help them.

Mobile marketing is about being adaptive, not just accommodating. If you give your mobile users a solution that is specifically tailored to their needs, you will quickly see improved conversions.

Check if your email list is made up of mobile users

While many businesspeople check their emails on a mobile device, the vast majority of people check using a standard PC or notebook.

As such, it is worth examining whether a mobile-only mailing list or website is worth it before investing in a designer, developer, and new email marketing application.

While the iPhone, Blackberry, and other leading smartphones can easily display images, few can navigate image-heavy content particularly well.

Instead of loading up your promotional emails with flashy images, colored backgrounds, and complex tables, keep them simple and mobile-friendly.

Anyway: the KISS-principle is never a bad idea in email marketing from the design viewpoint…

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