Social media management: a look at the new features of Radian6

Radian6 has recently rolled out some new features to make it easier for its users to dive into the data in its platform.

Feature 1: The Topic Profile QuickStart Tool

This new tool is particularly designed for the new users of Radian6. It enables users to create new topic profiles quickly without many hassles and set up a Radian6 dashboard. 

QuickStart tool features a series of guiding prompts to help a new user with little or no technical knowledge set up topic profile and get their monitoring faster and easier. Users can easily group their keywords by brand, competitor or industry. Auto-configuration of sentiment settings around the user’s brand is also easier now.

The tool allows the users to filter by region, media type, or language, and get a snapshot summary of their monthly result volume as estimated and refine the topic accordingly.  

Feature 2: The Widget Gallery

The new Widget Gallery allows the user to add any of the 44 preconfigured Radian6 analysis widgets to their Radian6 dashboard at a few simple clicks. 

Users can choose from the basic analysis widgets or the specialized ones in social media metrics, twitter analysis, brand analysis, competitive intelligence, and workflow and engagement. 

However, it does not limit the freedom of users to be able to customize and build widgets from the Radian6 dashboard. The new Widget Gallery has only simplified the task of users who want to use different analysis widgets to study their data and derive insights useful to their business. It can be easily launched from the QuickStart menu present on the dashboard.  
Feature 3: Influencer Widget Enhancements

The popular Influencer Analysis widget of Radian6 has been upgraded to include new capabilities for enriching user’s experience. 

Influencer Widget so far offered real-time tracking of social media metrics across the web and setting of weights, although all media types were mixed together.  The upgraded version of the Influencer Widget now enables the users to break down all of their influencer results by media type. The influencer results could now be displayed in different ways, including the traditional grid display, bar graph, and the conversation cloud options.  

A snapshot of the top 5 influencers in each media type can be found in the new Summary Mode while the media specific tabs will give the top 250 influencers for each media type. 

The bar code will show the influencer score for each source alongside their relevant results. This new enhancement will allow users to delve deeper into the entire influencer landscape around their business. 

After all, every business needs to understand which social media channels are creating an impact for their business in order to build their strategies accordingly. 

More information on the Radian6 blog.

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