HubSpot: the optimal number of blog posts for generating more leads

Blog Have you ever thought about the relationship between the number of blog posts and the leads generated? I haven’t but then again, I don’t generate leads.

Anyway, other people have been thinking about it. According to a (more or less) recent study and statistical analysis conducted by HubSpot, as the number of articles on a blog post surpasses the number 20 (based on blog articles at the beginning of the month), the number of monthly leads will grow.

The data analysis of 1,400 customers’ inbound marketing activities suggested the strong relationship between the blog size in terms of the number of articles and the number of leads generated.

The number 20 is a threshold limit from where improvement in leads becomes visible. Any marketer with blog articles between 20 and 50 will have enough content to influence the search engines in its favor.

HubSpot impact of blog posts on monthly leads

The more the number of blog articles, the more would be the number of additional indexed pages which in turn increases the number of leads a site gets.

Similar results may not be expected from adding additional web pages to your site. 

Also, with more content, one can go for more and more new keywords for targeting. It is not possible to target every keyword in the website content.

However, blog articles will allow you to increase the scope of keywords and rank high for a higher number of keywords, HubSpot found.

Another important benefit of having more blog articles is the increased possibility of other sites linking to the blogs with a steady stream of content at frequent intervals.

Blogging businesses get more leads

The study points to the fact that bloggers with 24+ articles are found to be updating their blogs quite often which in turn helps them generate relevant traffic from referring sites.

Also, by being regular in adding fresh content to your blogs, you encourage visitors to come back. Those who choose to go for 50 + articles are likely to enjoy further increase in the rate of lead generation.

HubSpot blog post frequency

The blog usage also has a positive impact on the creation of leads. Whether we take into account B2B or B2C businesses, the use of blogs brings favorable impact on lead generation.

According to HubSpot, marketers with blogs generate 67% more leads.

So, if you want to get great lead results, create a blog. A critical number of articles can go a long way in attracting visitors to your site.

Maybe I should start generating leads after all.

Want more data and some nifty graphics? Check out the HubSpot post.

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