Industry news: uses StrongMail Influencer with impressive results as a consequence

ShoebuyStrongMail, announced that Shoebuy,one of the largest footwear retailers online, has gained thousands of new customers with the StrongMail Influencer social media referral marketing solution.

Using this solution, has significantly increased website visits and new purchases, both companies state in a press release.

Shoebuy is consistently recognized by Bizrate as a leader in customer satisfaction. In order to capitalize on its happy customers, Shoebuy turned to StrongMail Influencer to power a social referral program that rewards its customers for sharing offers with their social networks, thus raising thousands of customers, according to both companies.

Since integrating StrongMail Influencer into its website and marketing emails, Shoebuy’s customers have shared offers with hundreds of thousands of potential customers within their social networks. The result: a 10% conversion into paying customers.

Strongmailinfluencer “Shoebuy’s success leverages a vibrant company culture that is extremely focused on the customer experience, and StrongMail Influencer enables us to cash in on that investment with an innovative tool that makes it easy for our customers to share and easy for us to thank them for it,” said James Keller, Chief Marketing Officer at

Here’s how StrongMail Influencer helped Shoebuy:

1. Optimizing creative executions in real-time to maximize viral reach.
2. In-depth reporting that identifies the top influencers in terms of invitations sent and actions upon them.

Shoebuy can now leverage this data for future marketing campaigns at no extra cost.

“Shoebuy’s success with StrongMail Influencer is another great example of what’s possible when you have the right tools and strategy for motivating and rewarding your most valuable customers,” said Ryan Deutsch, vice president of emerging media at StrongMail.

And of course it’s again an example of how social media marketing perfectly fits into other marketing solutions, including email marketing but not only that.

More about StrongMail Influencer, which allows businesses to inject social networking functionality into any web page, social network or other online medium (in other words: it doesn’t need email) here.

Update October 2015: StrongMail is now StrongView and has merged with Selligent
Source: press release (via MarketWire)

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