Social media and CRM: the feedback, community and brand perspective

Do I need to say that social media is a phenomenon that impacts the life of many of us? Social technologies are still developing and social media marketing models are still evolving. This is certainly the case from a multi-channel marketing and CRM perspective

The convergence of social media and CRM, also called social CRM (and it’s not just about the tools), has opened new opportunities for building customer relationships and changing how customer service is practiced.

The CRM and social media convergence is a complex concept that has brought into question how customer service will be handled in the future as well as how CRM will be structured. Bringing social technologies and community-building programs together has the potential to be a profitable and effective marketing strategy.

There are many social technologies already in use and many currently emerging. They vary in terms of usage, user-generated content and the connections users have with one another.

These social technologies have many differences as well as similarities but they all have the ability to be utilized for CRM. All social technologies have some function for members to engage in communication.

CRM can be beneficial as consumers engage in communication with fellow customers and potential customers. CRM can engage in discussion directly with customers and get feedback on the benefits of products and services and find out what improvements are desired.

CRM has the ability to utilize social networking as never before to find out the services and products that are lacking in their business.

CRM and online communities

Most companies have not taken advantage of the feedback available in online communities because they lack coordination among their departments.

A strategy and structure has to be in place for how customer feedback from social media will be taken advantage of and put into practice.

Online communities must be steered to provide feedback on specific aspects of products and services that companies are looking to improve upon. General discussions of broad topics are often not helpful and provide little guidance for CRM.

Brand names and products can both improve with customer feedback, common complaints and suggestions.

A community-centric model can also empower customers and strengthen your brand by turning your community into your advertising agency, even your sales force since customers support a brand name or service.

Your customers utilize social technologies to communicate the benefits and advantages they have experienced with others.