Forrester: relevance is a priority for email marketers

Last Friday I posted on Forrester’s latest ESP report from a vendor point-of-view. Here is some more from an email marketer viewpoint.

Forrester Research confirms in the ESP report that there is a renewed focus on email marketing. There are two reasons for that.

First, the “soft economy” this year and second, the “maturation of the email marketer”. I guess that by maturation they don’t mean we’re getting old but more skilled.

Forrester predicted a rise in email marketing spending earlier this year. In March, the research company found in its “Marketing Forecast Online Survey” that 92% of respondents were using email marketing and that spending on email marketing would rise to whopping 2 billion dollars by 2014.

For the just released ESP report Forrester surveyed 218 clients of the 15 ‘reviewed’ ESP’s. The company found that these clients, being (email) marketers of course, are focusing very much on the relevance of their email marketing programs, their communications and thus their content.

Forrester says that “these increases in relevancy will drive the need for data integration and increased adoption of relevancy-empowering tactics — like dynamic content and testing — as well as strategic and tactical services”.

48% of the respondents said that they are trying to make their communications more relevant.

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