How (and why) to follow people on Twitter

For many people and businesses, Twitter is about getting as much followers as you can. Well, it’s not: it’s about getting valuable followers but about following valuable Twitter users too.

It’s simple to use a software that allows you to find people based on keywords in their tweets, start following them and then hoping they will follow you too. Don’t do it.

It’s also easy to start tweeting and follow few people back. Should you follow everyone back? No. Because there are a lot of Twitter users following automatically or because they want to sell you stuff (if you want to buy it, then there is no problem, right?)

People often go through their “followers” list to look for new people to talk to, and by following a wide range of people that operate in your niche, you will find that you quickly gain influence, even if just by association.

However, remember that you should only follow people that you actually want to invest time in. Anything else will just result in false followers and influence that will likely disappear without input. However, don’t just follow anyone and everyone.

Social media value is built on scarcity, just like thousands of other industries. Do you follow me? I’ll follow you back if we share something: value.

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