Twitter usage: growing from strength to strength (to mobile)


Twitter has every reason to rejoice. A recent report featuring tracking data from a telephone survey of 1,753 Americans and titled Twitter Usage In America found that in recent months, there has been a significant increase in the awareness and usage of Twitter, not only in America but worldwide.

The report also talks about user demographics, status updating behavior, brand following activity and some figures pertaining to location-based social networking.

All these data are bound to create an impact on the social media marketing efforts currently pursued by many businesses.

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The impact of social media continues to surprise

Ryan_Schoenefeld_1 In a New York Times article entitled, “Sun’s Chief Executive Tweets His Resignation,” by Ashlee Vance, I learned of the implications that social media networking has brought about.

Who would have thought that a social media networking platform could be an avenue for such an announcement? Maybe it is should be expected though — with more social networking tools to use, this could become a new option for people, and ultimately develop into a trend for individuals to harness.

Regardless of what is going to happen as a result, Jonathan Schwartz, the previous chief executive at Sun Microsystems has seemingly paved the way for people to imitate him; even if he didn’t intent to.

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