Some data on sharing, email and social media combined

Remember the ShareThis data I talked about (“ShareThis: email leads the pack in content sharing”) several days ago?

Well, today the people at eMarketer wrote an article about the topic too, doing what they do well: aggregating studies with data about one theme and adding nice graphics to it (I’m not saying this is bad, selling aggregated and own survey content and reports is their business).

eMarketer in fact, took the data from the ShareThis report (which I only partially covered) and data from the recent StrongMail ‘Social Influence Benchmark’ I posted about a few days ago.

The logical conclusion, and now I quote eMarketer: “Fully 86% of sharing activity related to social programs run on StrongMail’s platform in Q3 3009 was done via e-mail. Facebook got only 6% of shares, while another 4% were tweeted. Though Twitter shares did have the highest click rates, and e-mail the lowest, conversions were a different story. Content shared by e-mail was most likely to lead to purchases, subscriptions and other conversions. Embedded badges, which boasted a high click-through rate, were also better for conversion than Facebook or Twitter”.

And then on the ShareThis data: “A study of sharing activity across the ShareThis network in October 2009 also revealed that e-mail was the top channel for distributing content to friends, with 46.4% of all shares. About one-third of shares went to Facebook and less than 6% were tweeted. As in the StrongMail study, ShareThis found that shares on Twitter had the highest click-through rate, while e-mail links were least likely to be clicked. But looking at engagement, e-mail shares led to the most page views per click, at 2.95. Users clicking through from Twitter only visited an average of 1.66 pages each”.

Sharing There is more but before sharing the link I would like to, and this is the first time in my life, insert one of those nice red graphs from eMarketer, in one of my blog posts (there’s a second one on their site for the data lovers).

By the way, the studies eMarketer refers to are available online.

For StrongMail’s you just have to register (free) here.

However, I found the data from ShareThis in a press release, when I wrote about them, but now I can’t find the link anymore…

Anyone can help me out here?

Oops, almost forgot, here is the link to the full article on