Some tips for making effective email capture pages

In this post I give a few tips on creating highly optimized and ultra-targeted opt-in email capture pages.

These pages are crucial because the are where the email marketing relationship begins.

I gave some tips before on how to capture data for your email lists but you can never know enough about it. So here we go with some more tips.

For email marketers, the opt-in email capture page is just as important as their product’s sales page. Capturing emails requires three major factors: attention, interest, and a decision. Your email capture page should be conductive to every one.

For example, you could use pre-sales text or an embedded video to gain the visitor’s attention, slowly letting them know that there is a great product or opportunity available. From there, you could incorporate real pre-sales text and important product features and examples, creating interest and desire.

Then, you have got to move your visitors into making a decision. Give them the option of subscribing to your email list, and reinforce why it is such a worthwhile opportunity.

Gaining subscribers does not require you to be pushy, just effective. Non-sales text is just as effective, and often more effective than hard-sell style marketing. Invest in whichever form of email capture is best for your product or business.

Support your capture page with advertising, and offer great content to your subscribers.

Your goal should not be to drive traffic straight to your offers, but to push traffic towards your long-term email asset. Thus, adding advertising for your email capture page is a great way to boost the size of your list.

Once you have reached a level that is conductive to successful long-term marketing, begin offering a mix of content and offers to your audience. There is no agreed mix of content and sales — it really comes down to the priorities of your business, and the type of products that you specialize in.

Measure through results; if your email subscribers are leaving, you are most likely spending too much time on products. If you find steady levels of subscribers, you have achieved a good balance of solid content and lucrative product marketing.

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