Bronto’s take on the impact of Facebook’s Project Titan on email (marketing)

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced its “Project Titan”. Yes, I know that you know that. But since I’m sometimes slow and more of an opinion than a news kind of guy (some say BS guy), I’m only posting about it now.

And because I’m also tired today, I’m going to share the views of the email strategists at Bronto, who posted their opinions about the so-called “Gmail killer” on their blog (why is everything a killer these days?).

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What went wrong with Google Buzz and why it’s not over yet for Google

John Lai I am happy to introduce you to a new contributor. His name is John Lai, and you might have never heard about him. However, my gutt feeling says that this will change. John lives and studies in New Zealand (last year and of course in marketing) and launched a group blog and community in NZ about social media marketing. John and his contributors follow what is going on in social media land.

So do I. At least, I try. However, the days that I followed everything are over for me. I have been following John for a while and we called a few times over Skype. What I like about John is that, despite his young age, he has opinions, is a no-nonsense guy and has the guts to launch projects and think for himself (and he knows what blogging is and what guest posts are). So, here is the new generation that is completely into and on social media! Read John’s first post, regarding all that went wrong regarding Google Buzz and what is going wrong right now.

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