Bronto’s take on the impact of Facebook’s Project Titan on email (marketing)

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced its “Project Titan”. Yes, I know that you know that. But since I’m sometimes slow and more of an opinion than a news kind of guy (some say BS guy), I’m only posting about it now.

And because I’m also tired today, I’m going to share the views of the email strategists at Bronto, who posted their opinions about the so-called “Gmail killer” on their blog (why is everything a killer these days?).

For those that are slow like me: Project Titan is Facebook’s soon-to-be launched (or have they launched it already?) email platform, you know POP and IMAP support included.

In English: it will allow its users to exchange mails when not on Facebook. Users will have their vanity url as their email account.  

The possible impact of Facebook’s new email service caused yet another debate in email marketing land.

“Where search, email, social, etc. reside together”

Bronto’s Kelly Lorenz rightfully says that people, who need to communicate with businesses they have a transactional relationship with, will find their personal email account more effective. On top of that, Facebook’s system requires explicit opt-in.

While people may find this new email platform beneficial when communicating with friends, for business reasons they are likely to stick to their usual business email address. 

Bronto’s Julie Waite says Facebook’s new email platform is just a service like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and all the others and wonders if people need yet another email address/service.

She also warns about the spam threat (remember the vanity url’s).

Finally, Kristen Gregory, looks at it from a more integrated perspective.

I quote: “I see this also as a move that takes us more toward a truly integrated channel – where search, email, social, etc. reside together and where the idea of a master preference center could ultimately live”.

That’s it folks. I like what Kristen says. What’s your take?

Read it all on Bronto’s blog here.

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