Bronto’s take on the impact of Facebook’s Project Titan on email (marketing)

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced its “Project Titan”. Yes, I know that you know that. But since I’m sometimes slow and more of an opinion than a news kind of guy (some say BS guy), I’m only posting about it now.

And because I’m also tired today, I’m going to share the views of the email strategists at Bronto, who posted their opinions about the so-called “Gmail killer” on their blog (why is everything a killer these days?).

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Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups?

Jonas Klit Nielsen from Last week Nick O’Neil, the founder of one of the top three blogs regarding Facebook (at least, according to me), posted an interesting article, called “Facebook Groups Vs Pages: The Definitive Guide”.

No doubt a lot of people can’t figure out which of both to use, especially since Facebook alters the features every now and then.

Here is an overview of Nick’s insightful blog post, some thoughts and my own conclusion.

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