Setting up a social media marketing strategy: what do you want to achieve and where do you stand today?

People marching In a previous post about setting up a social media marketing strategy, I looked at the first step in defining it. As promised, back then, here is a first follow-up post for all of you out there trying to find some simple answers to some simple questions that unfortunately become complex in a jungle of social media marketing opinions. For the record: my look at setting up a social media marketing strategy is an opinion as well. All I can promise is that I’ll try to avoid the hype and keep it simple yet relevant, deal?

In case you didn’t read the first post in this developing series, I advise you to do so. Here is the link. Come back later?

OK, last time I talked about the decision to start with social media marketing, the importance of having a strategy and how to compose a team to define that strategy. I also talked about the role of that team.

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LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Pages, spam and self-promotion

The great thing with LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Pages is that they are started by people you can connect with, and they allow exchanging ideas, asking questions and so on, especially LinkedIn Groups.

I’m a member of several LinkedIn Groups and of course in many of these groups, there are people who “spam”.

Let’s define spam here as adding links to your own company, services or whatever without any value for the discussion but only for SEO or self-promotion purposes.

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