LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Pages, spam and self-promotion

The great thing with LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Pages is that they are started by people you can connect with, and they allow exchanging ideas, asking questions and so on, especially LinkedIn Groups.

I’m a member of several LinkedIn Groups and of course in many of these groups, there are people who “spam”.

Let’s define spam here as adding links to your own company, services or whatever without any value for the discussion but only for SEO or self-promotion purposes.

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(A whole bunch of) thoughts on the LinkedIn article in the WSJ

As I promised yesterday, I will try to talk more often about LinkedIn on my blog. So here you go. I decided to start with some (well, many) thoughts on the article the Wall Street Journal published on December 30. Brace yourself, it’s a long post.

I noticed that some marketing news sites, including iMedia Connection and MediaPost covered it as well. However, here is my view if you are interested.

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