Twitter buys Mixer Labs

While many of us were preparing to celebrate Christmas, Twitter silently announced it acquired a start-up.

The name of the company: Mixer Labs. The business: location tracking. The cash or whatever involved: unknown.

The start-up was founded by a few former Google employees that developed a Twitter app, called GeoAPI (“a comprehensive service for helping developers build geolocation-aware applications”) that allows Twitter users to show where they are when they tweet.

What’s the use of that? If you use your imagination you quickly see the benefits. Nothing? I quote Twitter’s own example from their blog: “As a dramatic example, twittering ‘Earthquake!’ alone is not as informative as ‘Earthquake!’ coupled with your current location”.

Indeed dramatic. A little less dramatic: as Twitter says the “What’s happening?” will be combined with the “Where is it happening?”.

The Mixer Labs crew (7 people, if their site is up-to-date) is now a part (since December 23) of Twitter.

Read more on the Twitter blog.

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