Twitter is a conversation hive

Last week I talked in my post ‘Twitter users are influential: more data’ about European research regarding the profile of the Twitter user by InSites Consulting.

The company also looked at the issue of brands and branding on Twitter.

InSites Consulting recommends brands to observe tweets very carefully and talk back to brand followers in a very personal way instead of merely spamming followers with advertisements. Especially since the study found that most people on Twitter are quite influential…

The study further found that Twitter users really address questions to brands, hoping they are listening and will answer.

The most discussed brands on Twitter, according to InSites Consulting are Google, Apple and Amazon, followed by a mix of tech companies and other strong global brands like Starbucks, Disney and HP.

Tom De Ruyck, Senior Research Consultant at InSites Consulting: ‘Twitter is a conversation hive, and it is very valuable for brands to tap into it and learn from what consumers are saying about them. People often send tweets in the heat of the moment: when they experience something positive or negative with a product. This immediacy is never seen before. Although this might sound like a threat for marketers because negative comments about their brands are in the open, it is at the same time an opportunity for client service teams to take immediate actions and make customers happy again. This company responsiveness will certainly spread the word on Twitter too.’

I guess that’s why we see Twitter more and more being used in customer service and business applications.

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