Video in email marketing: StrongMail x 2

I don’t know if you have noticed but there is a lot to do about video in email marketing recently. Or is it just an impression?

A couple of days ago I talked about a study by Implix that showed video emails increase click-through rates.

Today it was the monthly tip in StrongMail’s newsletter that drew my attention – once more – on the subject.

StrongMail’s tip was not so much about the advantages of video email but about the ways you can implement video in emails without ISP-related or other issues.

The tip gives two solutions for integrating video in emails. The first one is the video .GIF and the second one Goodmail’s CertifiedVideo.

Now I am not going to repeat what the people at StrongMail say. I propose you sign up for their newsletter and, if you don’t want to, you can find the latest edition with the video-in-email tips here.

And because I really, really like you a lot, dear visitor, I added this presentation that StrongMail’s Kristin Hersant posted on slideshare a few days ago and that’s called… “Leveraging Video in Email Marketing Campaigns”.

What do you need more?

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