Common email delivery myths

Here are a few common phrases email service providers make which they really can’t backup.

1- We get + 90% deliverability
2- Whitelisting will answer your deliverability problems
3- Our deliverability department can handle all your issues
4- You won’t be on blacklists.

These are common myths ESPs give to leads they want to be clients. It’s common practice in marketing to offer more than you can deliver, but it usually hurts the seller more than the buyer. In this instance, the buyer is tricked.

Let’s bust those myths, first with ESP deliverability.

– ISPs control deliverabilty, and want to keep their customers happy. If your email is marked as spam, the ISP will protect their client, not the ESP client (you).

– The ISP has the final say on whitelisting. While your ESP can do some things with whitelisting, the final word comes from the ISP. You can get emails whitelisted still be considered spam.

– Most blocking decisions are made by programs, not by humans. If your ESP owner is best friends with the owner of the ISP, it really doesn’t matter. The spam program kicks in no matter what.

– Lastly, not all blacklists are created equal. If you get blacklisted by a major server, you may have problems. If you get blacklisted by an individual, there is little you can do about it.

So the next time your email service provider promises you more than expected, if there’s no fine print there should be.

Inspired by this post on iMedia Connection.

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