Email marketing: the mailing frequency challenge

You either mail too frequently and annoy subscribers or you mail too little and don’t capitalize on your chance to interact with them.

Not all email programs fall into these categories, but many do.

The problem is email marketing is still a bit a separate discipline, where “more” is annoying and a “little” is forgettable.

While in some marketing forms more is better, if a business started mailing you letters every single day, or mailed to you once a year, would it always succeed?

The solution is not as simple as more or less. You need to use technology to improve your ratio of emails per subscribers. You should track metrics like clickthroughs, bounces, and unsubscribes.

You should also note other metrics such as total revenue per campaign, average revenue per email, and revenue per order.

This will answer your questions immediately. And if you’re getting a lot of spam complaints, slowing down your mailing frequency could help.

But do you know what the best way is to deal with frequency issues? Let your subscribers choose themselves, interact with them and ask them what they want!

Email marketing is a dialogue, folks!

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