Email marketing: tips for the subject line

As you probably know, the subject line is crucial in email marketing. It’s one of the main elements, even the most important element, that will make a recipient open your email or not. 

And it’s important from a deliverability viewpoint.

Keep your subject line informative, relevant and compelling. Create curiosity and intrigue. Build trust and always write your subject lines with your recipients in mind. 

Try to personalize. Provide subscribers a good reason to open and ‘read’ your mail.

Remember what I posted earlier about subject lines? Keep them short. A short subject line is fully readable in most email clients and is also quicker and easier to understand for most recipients. 

Furthermore, short subject lines in your emails raise the open and click-through rate. Emails with subject lines with ‘0 to 49’ characters have an opening rate that’s 12.5% higher than that of subjects with '50 or more' characters. 

Think about your recipients when writing an email subject line

The click-through rate for subject lines of ‘0 to 49’ characters is 75% higher than the CTR of emails with subject lines in the '50 or more character' range.

Don’t think too much about you want to say when writing your subject line. Think about what your recipients want and need. What’s in it for the recipient? 

Get to the point and make sure your subject line is teasing (and of course free op typical words that will get your mail everywhere except in the inbox).

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