Help needed: let us build a worldwide list of email marketing service providers

I’m trying to build a list of Email marketing Service Providers or ESP from over the whole world. Now, I know it’s a crazy mission.

There are probably thousands. I will start with some, I know. But then comes the challenge: how will I ever complete this list?

That’s where I hope, you, dear visitor, come in. If you’re an email marketer or an ESP, from Bangladesh, the U.S., Indonesia, South-Africa or anywhere else in the world: comment on this page and I will gladly check the ESP and add it to my list.

Now, first I thought about describing all the features and functions the platforms of these ESPs offer. But that seems an impossible task to me. What do you think?

However, what I can try is to follow all these ESPs and write a post if they release some new features.

So, what will you find in the list? Simple: a list of ESPs per country. Those that are present in more than 5 countries will be ranked under international.

Besides their name, a general email address and a short description (that I will copy from their sites or that they can type in themselves in maximum 5-6 lines by commenting on this post), you will find a link to them.

What’s the advantage of such a list? I have people from all over the world asking me what are the best ESPs for them. Now, I could simply send them a list of those that are mentioned in Forrester’s reports but Forrester only ranks the big ones. Some of these people are self-employed or start-ups and don’t have huge budgets. So sometimes I advise them a cheaper, yet good, ESP platform. But the truth is I don’t know them all.

If someone from Japan asks what ESP he should use, it would be nice to provide him an overview of ESPs in Japan too. You know what I mean, right?

Maybe one day we could even do ESP overviews and benchmarks per country. Nearly all of them offer the possibility to take a test drive, right? A bit like Forrester does but then locally. Would be nice, no?

If it’s a crazy idea: shout. If you see the benefits: I hope I can count on you: please comment below!


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27 thoughts on “Help needed: let us build a worldwide list of email marketing service providers”

  1. Tamara, thanks, can I tap from the list? I will provide you those that miss in your list if you want to. I would also like to have all their blogs and Twitter handles and a contact email address. Or do you think that’s too ambitious?

  2. Thank you very much Sarah for sharing this. Do you have a blog too? What is your main target group? I think larger companies, right? Add me to your PR list too please: info[at] Thank you again.

  3. Glad you’re working on this list. Here is Infusionsoft’s info for others to know. We’re based out of Arizona and are a privately funded, growing company totally focused on entrepreneurs.
    Twitter: @Infusionsoft,
    Phone: 1-866-800-0004
    2065 W. Obispo Ave. Suite 103
    Gilbert, AZ 85233
    Tagline/Motto: “Email Marketing 2.0” and “Double Your Sales”
    I’m their community guy, so let me know if you have any questions. 🙂
    ~joseph manna

  4. Bronto Software
    Bronto Software, a leading email marketing provider, simplifies email marketing for more than 3500 organizations and online retailers worldwide. With an award-winning Client Services team, Bronto helps retailers drive sales with relevant, successful email marketing campaigns by taking time to understand their business, craft a strategic plan, and deliver results. The powerful email marketing platform features advanced segmentation tools, extensive reporting capabilities, and an API that lays the groundwork for seamless integrations with other e-commerce applications.
    Twitter: @bronto

  5. Well, I can’t keep thanking everyone I’m afraid but let me say thinks to all the ESPs that have shared already and those that probably will share. I’ll try to finalize the list within a week. Thank you all!!!!!

  6. e-Dialog
    e-Dialog is the proven provider of advanced e-mail marketing and database technologies, products, strategies, and services for permission-based e-mail marketers. Whether clients are looking for a full-service, self-service or collaborative relationship, we have the solutions to meet their needs. We have offices in Boston, NYC, Seattle, London, and Asia coming soon! (blog)

  7. Silverpop
    Silverpop’s Engagement Marketing suite helps turn prospects into customers, and customers into raving fans. Silverpop’s Web-based solutions enable companies worldwide to build relationships with customers and prospects through the creation, automation and delivery of relevant, online messaging.
    Twitter: @Silverpop @SilverpopDE
    Offices: UK, Germany, USA, Australia

  8. Striata
    Striata’s eMarketing platform provides a comprehensive solution for the creation and distribution of customized electronic marketing campaigns. Backed by more than a decade of expertise in digital marketing, our eMarketing solutions combine multi-medium electronic messaging capability with proprietary customer profiling technology to enable targeted delivery, high response rates and advanced customer insight reporting.
    head quarters in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  9. StreamSend offers an easy-to-use, affordable and reliable email marketing software solution designed to help businesses make the most of their time and money when sending an email newsletter or other email campaigns. StreamSend offers a number of industry-leading standard pricing plans and also has strong private-label and affiliate programs.
    Twitter: @streamsend
    877-439-4078, ext. 1

  10. WhatCounts
    WhatCounts, a private Seattle-based company founded in 2000, is a technology leader and innovator in the permission-based email service provider (ESP) space. WhatCounts offers a fully integrated lifestyle marketing platform, including dynamic content delivery, sophisticated polls and surveys, integrated blogging/RSS capabilities, Video Email system and social media tools. Deliverability management, strategic coaching, best practices benchmarking, CRM integration and advanced analytics facilitate ROI maximization. The robust WhatCounts platform can be purchased as a hosted Web-based application or as part of the unique BroadcasterTM appliance.
    Twitter: @whatcounts

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