Marketing in 2010: social, listening and real marketing metrics

In my earlier post about the 10 interactive marketing predictions by Forrester (posted recently by Josh Bernoff), I focused so much on the possibility of a Twitter acquisition that I forget to mention the nine other predictions.

OK, 2010 is here, but it’s still young so…

Let me share those that are relevant for this blog.

“Companies’ use of social councils will attain budgets and power”. True, no comment.

“Listening platform insights will go mainstream”. This one seems quite obvious. If everyone is planning to do more with social media marketing in 2010, then I guess it’s normal that listening platforms, social media monitoring platforms, reputation management tools and the likes will be used increasingly too.

“Marketers will focus less on fuzzy social media metrics and more on real marketing metrics”.  Well, I surely hope so but that’s a topic where there is still some work to do.

The overarching theme according to Josh Bernoff? “That social technology is now a mainstream part of what marketers do”.

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