Powered strengthens social media marketing activities and acquires Joseph Jaffe’s Crayon

Last week I asked Joseph Jaffe to share his thoughts about email marketing as he is the keynote speaker as MarketingSherpa’s email marketing event.

Joseph said he would give it a try, but he seemed quite busy. I picked up some rumors here and there and, yep, they seem to be true.

Joseph’s Crayon has been acquired by Powered.

Crayon was founded by Joseph in 2006 and, besides being the founder and boss, he also called himself ‘Chief Interruptor’.

And interrupting is what he will keep doing at Powered: challenge the industry regarding customer engagement and connection (can we still say customer?) and (try to) wake up some people.

Crayon is not the only company that Powered acquired. The agency also acquired Drillteam and StepChange. Both will continue to exist as separate entities, while the Crayon team is integrated into Powered.

With the move, Powered strengthens its position in several areas, including online community and social media marketing.

Joseph just tweeted that at 9AM EST you can click here and follow a discussion about the acquisition. So I post about it, it gets retweeted etc. Social media, they amaze me every single day.

PS: I hope to share with you Joseph’s thoughts on email marketing, of course from a holistic, social engagement perspective, when things get a little less hectic for our interruptor.

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