Managing your reputation and servicing your customers on Twitter

Remember that I already posted twice on the interview I had with Michael Kahn regarding Twitter? Well, here’s another piece.

It’s about customer service and reputation management, a topic that came back often in the interview.

When I asked about his view on Twitter as a reputation management tool Michael had this to say: “Twitter allows a brand to take control of the conversation quickly before negative media stories about the brand come out during a crisis. For instance, when a hole opened in a Southwest Airlines plane, Southwest quickly informed its Twitter followers that it would be inspecting every plane overnight and that there would be minimal disruption in the next day’s schedule.  Additionally, Twitter profiles can be used for SERP domination. Search engines only show 2 natural results for a native Web site per query.  However, what about the content you distribute to Twitter? Twitter profiles rank highly for brand queries. This is a great way to dominate the SERP for your brand, manage reputation or push competitors down”.

And then about Twitter as a customer service tool.

Kahn gave an example: “Twitter allows marketers to monitor and respond to customer service issues. Customer service reps should be listening to Twitter chatter and jumping into the conversation to help customers solve problems. Comcast increased its customer satisfaction score by 9.3% using this tactic”.

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