Soon coming to a car near you: Twitter

It’s that time of the year again: CES. One of the keynote speakers at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is Ford CEO Alan Mulally.

Ford is planning to take in-car entertainment and communications a step further.

By 2015 the company wants to equip 80% of its models with all kinds of technological features including web browsing and, yes, social networking.

And what social service was mentioned? Right, Twitter: Ford is adding Orangatame’s OpenBeak (formerly known as TwitterBerry – originally a mobile Twitter tool for BlackBerry smartphones) app to Sync.

Sync is the in-car Internet service Ford developed with Microsoft.

Read Ford’s press release here (there’s much more than just Twitter).

Earlier this year Mulally answered some questions via Twitter.

I did not include a YouTube video about that event but one about Sync, brought from CES by Revision 3.

The Twitter integration is explained in it.

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