The availability of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and MySpace compared

OK, I have to say sorry to the folks at Twitter. Although Twitter, in my opinion, seems to have slightly more ‘capacity’ issues lately, they of course are not the only ones that pay the price of success.

Now that I think about it: I would like to see this blog being over capacity now and then.

On a serious note: you probably know that there are thousands of companies worldwide that monitor the uptime and availability of (corporate) websites. They offer what is called “web performance management solutions”.

Some of these companies come with cool features like the possibility to send an automated text message to the webmaster when the site is down and much more.

YouTube the most available, Facebook the fastest

Although Twitter often seems to be over capacity, the site/service is doing quite OK.

Data from one of these Web site monitoring services, AlertSite, even show that Twitter is more ‘available’ than Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. The only followed social networking service that does better is YouTube.

When we look at the response time of social media (you can say ‘speed’), Twitter does better than YouTube and MySpace but worse than Facebook and LinkedIn.

Below an availability chart from AlertSite. You can check out response times here.

AlertSite Social Networking Benchmarks

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