The best way to learn about social media marketing: ask your peers

Nearly all marketing trend surveys show that marketers plan to invest more in social media marketing.

Bigmouthmedia and Econsultancy showed in their ‘Social Media and Online PR Report’ that 86% of the more than 1,100 surveyed UK companies and agencies are planning to invest more money in social media this year.

Surveys in other countries, including the US, report similar findings.

It’s obvious that the social media revolution will continue to influence all areas of marketing and even sales. So the question is not if you should start looking at social media marketing but where to start.

Many businesses hire experts, visit events, buy books or start following so-called social media marketing experts. However, by doing so, you risk being overwhelmed by information that in the end doesn’t help you any further.

The importance of peer advice

As a marketer you probably have very precise questions and concerns, just like any other marketer. Some have more experience than others but everybody learns by trial and error. So why not use the social media themselves and join a good community. Precise answer to your specific questions is what you seek, peer advice is the way to get it.

There are various communities that bring together marketers from all over the world to ask questions to their peers and share their ideas and insights.

Marketers looking for information about social media marketing can, for instance, subscribe for free to the Social Marketing Forum (is this too much advertising since I’m a member, well then pardon me for writing some slightly promotional paragraphs for once, I’m only human, and besides I would really like you to join).

This online community, which focuses on an international audience is not for social media marketing experts.

It aims to reach both marketers who have experience with social media marketing and want to share their insights with others, and marketers who have questions regarding social media marketing and can count on the community for free advice.

Members can ask questions in the forum, start discussions, post their social media marketing cases to enable other members to see how social media marketing works, in reality, get to know other marketers from other countries, add events, blog posts, etc.

To take a look and subscribe, here is the URL:

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