The best way to learn about social media marketing: ask your peers

Nearly all marketing trend surveys show that marketers plan to invest more in social media marketing.

Bigmouthmedia and Econsultancy showed in their ‘Social Media and Online PR Report’ that 86% of the more than 1,100 surveyed UK companies and agencies are planning to invest more money in social media this year.

Surveys in other countries, including the US, report similar findings.

It’s obvious that the social media revolution will continue to influence all areas of marketing and even sales. So the question is not if you should start looking at social media marketing but where to start.

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Convincing businesses to use Twitter: the ROI, best practices and case studies perspective

Despite the interesting profile of the Twitter user (more about that profile in the related posts below this one), many companies still have to find the way to Twitter.

It varies from country to country, but let’s face it, most successful examples in terms of Twitter and marketing come from the U.S.

If you know good Twitter cases from other countries, please share them with me, I’ll explain why later.

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