Viral marketing tips: starting with the fan base and the influencers

The easiest way to build massive anticipation and awareness in viral marketing is to market directly to your core fan base, straight away. 

Don’t delay with a mass release: start as small as you possibly can, build the maximum possible level of awareness within that group, and then let your true fans extend your message as far as they can. 

This means that your message, while following rule number one and being easily understandable, also appeals to your true fans enough to make them get out of their seats and market for you.

You can also use influential people to shape your strategy. There’s a reason that celebrity and experts endorsements are still around: they work! 

These people have trust that’s hard to buy. When people see a face or a name that they trust attached to your product, they’re much more likely to buy it. 

Go for smaller micro-niche celebrities. These people appeal to an incredibly small group, but they’re revered within that group. 

This does not mean that you have to pay people to talk, blog or tweet about your viral message. On the contrary: paying people to blog about your product isn’t viral marketing. 

The problem with this strategy is that people can smell a fake from miles away, and while the false testimonial may fool some people, it’s going to be drowned out in a sea of negative feedback and discussion. 

Along with that, using incentives to propel your message puts you in a difficult situation. 

Do your true fans truly want to market you when they’re been left out of the pay pool? Only use incentives as a last resort. But, preferably, don’t use them at all.

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