Viral marketing tips: get your campaigns off the ground with some psychology

Viral marketing is very different from many forms of online marketing. While pay-per-click advertising and email marketing rely on razor-sharp calculations and per-customer acquisition costs, viral marketing is much more dependent on psychological triggers and natural marketing methods.
Perhaps that is why it is rarely the most scientific marketers that make the most successful viral marketing campaigns. It is difficult to calculate the spread factor for viral marketing news, just as it is incredibly difficult for Hollywood to predict which movies will hit big and which won’t.

The internet has opened up the age of the unpredictable hit, and with some psychological effects it’s possible to give your viral marketing campaign a much greater chance of being that hit. 

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Viral marketing tips: starting with the fan base and the influencers

The easiest way to build massive anticipation and awareness in viral marketing is to market directly to your core fan base, straight away. 

Don’t delay with a mass release: start as small as you possibly can, build the maximum possible level of awareness within that group, and then let your true fans extend your message as far as they can. 

This means that your message, while following rule number one and being easily understandable, also appeals to your true fans enough to make them get out of their seats and market for you.

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