About Social Email Marketing

On this page you find everything about this blog, how you can connect, how you can contact us and much more.

The philosophy of this blog is:

– Marketing is about people and stories
– Various marketing activities require various skills but they are all connected
– Every marketing activity should be part of a global vision on the customer
– Content, relevance, value and dialogue are key in marketing
– Forget the hypes
– Learn and innovate all the time, everything is dynamic
– There is no such thing as the universal truth
– We all make mistakes
– Share
– Peer-to-peer rules

Why Social Email Marketing?

This blog is called Social Email Marketing, which is not the most original name, for several reasons. Some obvious, some less obvious. First of all, it’s about social media. Next, it’s about social media marketing. Then, it’s about email marketing. It’s also about being social. And it’s about the impact of social media, and what we call Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 on all areas of marketing, sales, business, life, etc.  But most of all it’s about marketing.

If marketers don’t strive towards having a holistic view and perpetual customer-centric dialogue with their company’s entire ecosystem (customers – which include employees -, partners, the media, distributors, suppliers, whatever), they will lose customers. Read more here.

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