Social media conversations: IntelBuilder 2.1; a tool to create and measure it!

It’s interesting to follow what I call the Klondike cycle of Social Media. The gold rush started by wanting to make the first giants, YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Ning, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Then the social media marketing consultants boomed, experts, gurus, ninja’s everywhere claiming to be able to turn conversations into gold for companies.

Now I have a feeling that there is a major boom in tools to help all the consultants and companies managing and monitoring those conversations turning into gold.

It’s almost everyday I bump into a new service, you just can’t live without to manage your social media campaigns.

Yesterday Vesta Digital announced a new release of its IntelBuilder, version 2.1.

To be honest I haven’t tried it out, but it is one of those tools that actually sounds interesting, and that I might have to check out, although the platform seems to exist for a while now.

I have selected some quotes from the press release that caught my attention.

“The most important new benefit of IntelBuider 2.1 is that you can now create and measure conversations on all social media networks. This is cutting–edge technology,” says Artem Gassan, CEO of Vesta Digital.

All social media networks? That would actually be cutting-edge, have to check that out.

It also needs a bit elaboration on how it works and to quote again, Here is how IntelBuilder 2.1 works – after publishing an article like a blog post or press release, the user can automatically measure the conversations that are engaged by that article. The user can see the number of people who have responded, learn their names and profiles and track conversations that followed the post. The results are then displayed on the user’s website.

Previously, a user had to manually submit articles and measure results by counting comments and responses, or by hiring a third party service or outside source to monitor this. Now – the user can do this automatically – with the touch of a button. This saves time and money – and generates additional leads that can be very valuable. And it gives an incentive for other people to participate, leave comments, tweets, or share with Facebook friends.

Sounds interesting? I think it does, and will definitely check it out some more. 
If you have any insights or knowledge of using all these tools for conversation building, monitoring, managing campaigns, please leave a comment and share with us.

Read more (and test it yourself) here.

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