Social media conversations: IntelBuilder 2.1; a tool to create and measure it!

It’s interesting to follow what I call the Klondike cycle of Social Media. The gold rush started by wanting to make the first giants, YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Ning, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Then the social media marketing consultants boomed, experts, gurus, ninja’s everywhere claiming to be able to turn conversations into gold for companies.

Now I have a feeling that there is a major boom in tools to help all the consultants and companies managing and monitoring those conversations turning into gold.

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Creating social media fan pages and communities: tips to do it better

It’s one thing to have a social media profile, and another altogether to empower your business or personal branding efforts with an entirely independent social media fan page or community.

From small businesses to major corporations, thousands of worldwide business presences have captured the attention of social media platforms on a user-level, but few have made the move to becoming total fan-based brands.

Whether you want to simply conglomerate your social media presences or provide a new platform for fans and customers to interact, the tips in this post on fan page and community building will help you find social media marketing success.

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