Tips for remaining professional with social media

Socialmedia At some point, I believe we will all be expected to be fluent in social media. From my perspective, this means that we will basically be unable to stay truly connected without it. This naturally leads one to question—if social media is beneficial to those involved with it, or if it will create more of a divide amongst individuals who don’t have access to the Internet on a daily basis.

What do you think? Is social media overall beneficial or detrimental to society as a whole? I guess it may be challenging to draw a conclusion right now, but throughout the course of time, I would have to assume this question will come to the forefront. Take a minute and think about it for yourself, what would you be doing with all your extra time, if social media wasn’t occupying some of it?

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The fans are finally dead (and some free social media marketing advice for Facebook and Twitter)

Fans become people who likeOne small post before I call it a day.

The people at Facebook have done what they promised to do a while ago: when going to the Facebook page of my blog, I noticed that the traditional “x fans” has been replaced by “x people like this”.

I would have said “x people like this page”, to be that bit more precise. However, that’s a detail. I’m glad they finally got rid of the word fans.

Maybe many of you will find this stupid but to me, it matters. I never liked the word fans, and I explained why earlier in some posts. Being a fan of someone or something always brings to mind the image of a crowd cheering their favorite whatever (which reminds me that one day I’ll explain why I don’t like the word crowdsourcing either, I’m picky, I know, but words matter more than many can imagine).

The word fans expresses an inequality for me and that’s exactly what I don’t like (have to admit I don’t like celebrity stuff that much either, as my aunt used to say “we all have to go to the bathroom now and then”).

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