Social media marketing: how many friends does your business have?

When I started this blog back in December, I thought no one would read it because I was not a native English speaker, and I guessed that what I have been writing about for ages in my own country wouldn’t appeal to an international “audience”.

The interaction with people via this blog, the “followers” (I really hate that word) and good old Google Analytics, tell me I was wrong.

When I started the Social Marketing Forum, I was doubting again. Who needed another web site, group blog or Ning community about social media marketing, right?

But I was wrong again. If you have over 600 members in 3 months and over 900 fans on your Facebook page in 2 weeks you must be doing something that appeals I guess.

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Ning launches Facebook App

A few days ago Ning, one of the platforms that enables you to create your own social network, launched its Facebook App.

This enables Ning network “owners” to allow their members and others to share the content they created or found on a Ning network via Facebook. Earlier, Ning did the same with Twitter.

Owners of a Ning network can easily set up the Facebook App, as we discovered when installing it on “our” Social Marketing Forum network.

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